Magnifying Through the Basics of Telescopic Sights

Whether you are part of a law enforcement team, tactical professional or hunter, one of the basic components you have to learn is how to use a telescopic sight or scope. This instrument is often attached to firearms. It helps individuals see their targets from afar in a clearer manner without the need to go nearer.

As depicted in some movies, a telescopic sight helps the law enforcement unit see the bigger picture, in a hostage-taking event for example. When it comes to hunting, patience is a must. Having scopes in hand helps a hunter to spot hard-to-find targets and prepare for the shooting. One of the top brands of telescopic sights to check out is the Nightforce competition scope for sale in the market today.

Exterior Finish

The outside tube of scopes is used to be made of brass and steel in the early years but today almost all units are made from aluminium. Not only is this material cost-effective but it is also much stronger and better engineered. Almost every telescopic sight is black – making it resemble how rifles and handguns look. Some units are silver to match stainless steel armour. Most Nightforce optics are in the colour black.


The highlight feature of a telescopic sight is its lens system. Upon peeking through the unit, you’ll first see the lens called the ocular lens. On the other end of the unit is the objective lens. A lens is made of optical glass formed in a disc shape to magnify the portraits it reflects. While there are different types of Nightforce scope available in the market, it all comes down to the quality of glass and method of grinding used in the lens. Undoubtedly, better quality means a clearer image shown in the lens.

Other Essential Materials

Scopes also come with rubber seals. This prevents the lens from fogging due to the unchanging temperature and humidity. It also uses lens coatings which improves light transmission. Each telescopic sight carries unique specifications. The Nightforce competition scope for sale offers windage caps that allow users to incorporate their style of shooting. For guaranteed sharp images, these units also feature extra-low dispersion (ED) glass.

The Nightforce SHV 5-20×56 Australia series boasts of having a ZeroSet™ technology which makes this unit user-friendly. No matter how many times the user has adjusted the unit’s elevation, with this technology, one can easily return to the unit’s original zero settings. Nightforce is also proud of its illumination technology. Some of their telescopic sights come with DigIllum™ technology which helps users easily adjust the light settings with just a single button control.

Nightforce’s daylight visible reticles, on the other hand, are helpful for fast shooting purposes, specifically for 1x magnification in an outdoor setting. Moreover, Nightforce offers an analog illumination system that promotes effective shooting in any kind of lighting condition or environment.

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